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My First Shamanic Drum

My Shamanic Drum
Photo Credit: Cheryl Larkin

Today I spent the morning with a wonderful group of ladies from the Institute For Shamanic Arts and together we made shamanic drums. This is my first drum so it is pretty special to me. It is a 10 inch drum made from deer hide.
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Thursday’s Thoughts 1/10/2013

I am working on getting better at blogging and sharing my thoughts so I decided to just start doing it. I am starting Thursday’s Thoughts to just share my random thoughts of the previous week.

The 49ers play the Packers this Saturday night for the right to move on to the NFC Championship Game and then on to the Superbowl. It has been far too many years since the Niners have brought home a Superbowl Win and I am so excited about their chances this year. I for one stand behind Coach Harbaugh’s decision to keep Kap in the line up over Smith. I know Smith was having a terrific year, but he was still mainly a game manager and I really think we need more than that to win our 6th Superbowl. No matter what I am proud of the team and thrilled that we have had 2 great years in a row with more to come.

It is interesting how many Facebook Friends are posting spiritual things since I opened up to this new path. I’m not sure if they were posting them all before and I didn’t notice or if they are also opening up to Spirit.

Either way, I am grateful for it. Everyday there seems to be at least 1 post that is so timely for me right now. I am beginning to get a new sense of purpose for Facebook now. I hadn’t been spending much time there at all for months before my rebirth, but now I actually enjoy checking in to see what terrific things are being posted.
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The Intensity Stills Flows

Things were pretty intense a few weekends ago when I saw Giselle and the intensity has not subsided since I got home. I has been a tough few weeks for me. I have been home sick in bed for the last week. It is not the flu but I am not sure what it is. There is some sort of virus going around so it could be that.

I think whatever it is, it is affecting me more because of how intensely I seem to be feeling things lately. I have always been able to feel energy but all the work Giselle and I have been doing has been opening me up and I believe I am feeling the effects of that.

I have been up and down. I am feeling awfully weak physically and emotionally right now but that is not too surprising considering the week it has been fighting this illness.

I believe there is a fine line between crazy and sane and happy and depressed and I think I am walking that line in both cases. Some days I sway more to one side and other days I sway towards the other side.

There are some days where I have such clarity and then the next day I am fogged in confusion. I am trying to just let all these things flow and being conscious to not spend too much energy trying to figure it all out.
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Connecting With Mother Earth

An absolutely amazing, beautiful, emotional thing happened last weekend. I had a pure connect with Mother Earth moment. There are no words to convey the beauty of what transpired, but I will tell you about it anyways. 🙂

Giselle took me on a hike to some Indian Ruins near her house. When we got there, after asking permission for entrance, she told me she was going to leave me alone for a little while. She thought that was what was needed. She pointed out a place to sit for me and then she walked away to do her thing.

I was sitting in my spot simply enjoying the beauty of what I could see. Then I looked over to my right and saw a patch of Earth and just thought to myself that I really needed to lie down there.

I got up, took off my sweater, put it down as a pillow, laid down and got comfortable. I spread my arms out beside me, closed my eyes and began caressing the Earth.
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The Tree-Like Visitor Returns

In my previous post, “The Spirits Come A Calling” I described a visit I had from a couple of spirits, and how I did not handle it very well because I went to fear. Well last Sunday, one of them, the tree-like visitor decided to make a return visit.

I was up at Giselle’s. I had had a pretty good day. I had spent some time in the Sanctuary doing some things on my own while Giselle was at work.

About 4 pm I got really tired and cold. I decided to take a nice hot bath. An hour later I was out of the bath much warmer and certainly peaceful, but still a bit tired.

I turned in early that night and set off to have a good night’s sleep. The Universe had other plans. It seemed like I woke up every couple of hours. In between waking up, I did manage to do some dreaming. Most of it was pretty tame and not very exciting….until I had my return visitor.
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