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The Ultimate Key To Freedom

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I cannot even come close to truly explaining just how totally amazing this is. It is radical, it is mind-blowing and it isn’t for everyone. I am so grateful that it was written for me to learn this Truth and live in Ultimate Freedom.

It was not the easiest road for me (or Giselle or anyone in my life) though. I fought it. I didn’t like what I learned and I tried to just turn it off and ignore it but it was written for me to know it so fighting didn’t work. In the end, I gave in and accepted what was right there in front of me.

Many people thought I was going crazy or being brainwashed including myself. Some people still think that but I don’t care anymore. I have accepted it and am now working on adapting to this new way of living.

Ultimately that is what it is…a new way of living.

Picture yourself reading a book, you are totally loving the story and the characters. You experience everything that the characters do, feel the entire range of emotions, but it doesn’t stick with you and rule you. You feel it, accept it, turn the page and move on to see what else there is to experience.

And all the while you are truly happy even if what you are feeling is so called bad, because you know that it isn’t really happening to you, it is happening to the characters. With that mentality you just feel the pure joy of each and every experience. There is no good or bad or judgement, just the raw experience and it is perfect.

That is Ultimate Freedom.

And that is what I am living now and it is truly indescribable.

Of course this is more than just a conceptual or intellectual belief. It is a total knowing. I had no real problem with understanding this on the conceptual level. I mean intellectually, I could totally see how this kind of thinking could work and help make you happier.

The kicker is that it is not really about thinking a certain way, it is about knowing the truth and accepting it. And that is where I struggled. As the truth started to seep out of the intellectual level and into my true being I fought. I didn’t want to let go of all that I had believed and thought to be true for all of my life. I didn’t want to give up control.

Everyone has their own unique way and may or may not struggle with this, but for me the struggle was an extremely important part of the process. That is how it was written for me and once I finally accepted that, things flowed a little more smoothly.

I went through stages, and still am. I am in an adaptation and stabilization stage right now but it is so much fun and so exciting. I don’t know when or if this stage will ever end but it doesn’t matter. It is perfect either way.

The so called hard part is over and the beauty is that I can look back on it now and truly enjoy it. I can see now how beautiful and wonderful it all was and how each and every moment was tailored with perfection to support me and my story.

This is by no means a perfect explanation or even a good one. There are a ton of holes in what I have just said but it is the best I can do right now. What I know is that this is a life changing experience for me and for the first time in as long as I can remember I am completely excited and just buzzing with anticipation to see what comes next for me.

Every moment is a mystery, every thought is new, every action or inaction is magical. There really are no words that can adequately describe what this is and how it feels, but I am eternally grateful that it was written for me to experience it.

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Or you could skip the little introduction and go straight to the online experience The Ultimate Key To Freedom at Robert Scheinfeld’s website.

Or you could let all of this go and move on with your life as it is.

The beauty is that no matter what decision is made or not made it is all perfect just the way it is.

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