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Explaining IAmMyWalk

It is no secret to anyone who knows me and has ever walked with me that I am a slow methodical walker. It is how I have walked for as long as I can remember. It is also something I have never really apologized for. I never really felt the need to change it. Sure I warn people the first time they walk with me but that is just a heads up.

I enjoy taking my time. I enjoy truly seeing everything that I am walking past, around and through.

When I went up to see Giselle to have my spiritual rebirth, we went for a walk to the river and I gave my normal warning. Then later that night we were sitting around the fire and talking about what had transpired that day. Giselle was talking about my breathing during my rebirth and about my slow walking to the river and at one point she just stopped and said, “Oh my, Cheryl, you are your walk!”

Well that statement hit me at my toes and traveled all the way up to my head then back down to my heart where it claimed its rightful place. I then realized just how much it resonated with me. It was like I had been waiting all my life to have that statement bestowed upon me and now it finally happened.

My way of thinking changed in that instant and I realized I needed to put the same acceptance of my walk into every moment of my life.

That statement is now my mantra. I live every day to accept myself and my slow methodical way of things just as I have always accepted my walk. Constantly being reminded of that statement helps keep me grounded.

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