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It is easy to notice that I have ads placed throughout the blog so I wanted to put this page up to allow for full disclsoure. In general I will only place ads for products, services and companies that I have used personally.

It is a fact that money is needed to survive in the world today so this is just one way I am striving to earn some of that. Yes, I earn commissions from the ads that I place on this blog so here is a breakdown for you.

The Ultimate Key To Freedom – I highly recommend this online experience. Yes I have been through it and have learned what it is sharing. It has totally transformed my life. It is not for everyone, but for those that are lucky enough to have it written in their stories, it is radical, mind blowing and an absolute gift. I do earn a commission for each person I refer who ends up purchasing the online experience.

Amazon Ads – There are widgets with Amazon books and movies and yes I earn a commission if you purchase any of those or simply use the links to go to Amazon and then purchase anything there.

I only list moives and books that I have seen and read and truly think are supportive of the Truth and personal and spiritual growth in general and that I just simply enjoyed.

TripleClicks Ad – At the bottom of this site is an ad for TripleClicks Penny Auctions. I have shopped at TripleClicks multiple times and taken part in the auctions and have even won a few.

I do earn commission if you purchase things at the site including credits to use in the penny acutions.

Donate and Support – On the donate or Help Support IAmMyWalk page I have a PayPal button for you to help me out. The ebooks you get for supporting me are ones that I have acquired over the years. They are from my personl collection. The money you choose to support me with goes directly to my PayPal account.

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