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Well it has now been about a year and a half since I first met Giselle. A lot h as changed for both of us in that time. We have certainly had our ups and downs and it hasn’t been the smoothest road for us but here we are still a part of each others lives. I am grateful for that and proud to say that I love this wild woman.

Giselle has found a new path embracing Death and helping others to do the same, as a Death Coach and performing her Death Monologues. In short, a Death Coach guides and supports you through all things having to do with Death. An interesting profession for sure, and one that Giselle is uniquely qualified for.

Giselle’s tenderness, peacefulness, honesty, truth and genuiness allow her to be a fearless, compassionate witness to be there for you and your family before, during and after a death.

To learn more visit her new sites at GiselleSuarez.com and DeathMonologues.com

What can I say about Giselle? To say she is a wonderful person and a savior of mine just doesn’t cut it. She is my guide, my teacher, my healer, my friend. But that doesn’t really do her justice either.

Giselle is that true, pure, loving, giving light that floats into your life and forever changes it and you for the better.

Giselle is a Shamanic Practitioner who I met by accident, or coincidence, or maybe it was really the spirits bringing her into my life at just the right time. There was something about her that stuck with me after that first meeting and I finally started to notice all the so called coincidences that were happening to me and leading me to her front door.

She is very talented at what she does and she knows how to reach inside you and get you to see what you need to see. I keep telling her that she has this way of putting things in just the right way for it all to sink through my thick skull and make me go, DUH!

She is so open, loving, welcoming and calming. She has an innate talent for making you feel comfortable and safe while guiding you in the direction you need to go. Her strength and peacefulness are right there with you supporting you as you follow whatever path is needed for whatever reason you were drawn to her.

She is one of the kindest, most compassionate and most genuine souls you will ever meet. She is extremely easy to talk to and she can truly “see” you which helps her help you with whatever you are needing even if you don’t know yourself what it is you need.

Giselle is simply a precious gift to all.

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