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The Intensity Stills Flows

Things were pretty intense a few weekends ago when I saw Giselle and the intensity has not subsided since I got home. I has been a tough few weeks for me. I have been home sick in bed for the last week. It is not the flu but I am not sure what it is. There is some sort of virus going around so it could be that.

I think whatever it is, it is affecting me more because of how intensely I seem to be feeling things lately. I have always been able to feel energy but all the work Giselle and I have been doing has been opening me up and I believe I am feeling the effects of that.

I have been up and down. I am feeling awfully weak physically and emotionally right now but that is not too surprising considering the week it has been fighting this illness.

I believe there is a fine line between crazy and sane and happy and depressed and I think I am walking that line in both cases. Some days I sway more to one side and other days I sway towards the other side.

There are some days where I have such clarity and then the next day I am fogged in confusion. I am trying to just let all these things flow and being conscious to not spend too much energy trying to figure it all out.
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