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The Tree-Like Visitor Returns

In my previous post, “The Spirits Come A Calling” I described a visit I had from a couple of spirits, and how I did not handle it very well because I went to fear. Well last Sunday, one of them, the tree-like visitor decided to make a return visit.

I was up at Giselle’s. I had had a pretty good day. I had spent some time in the Sanctuary doing some things on my own while Giselle was at work.

About 4 pm I got really tired and cold. I decided to take a nice hot bath. An hour later I was out of the bath much warmer and certainly peaceful, but still a bit tired.

I turned in early that night and set off to have a good night’s sleep. The Universe had other plans. It seemed like I woke up every couple of hours. In between waking up, I did manage to do some dreaming. Most of it was pretty tame and not very exciting….until I had my return visitor.

I was lying in bed and all of a sudden the Tree-like visitor was there. He crawled up onto me and sat right on my chest making it hard to breathe.

He reached out with his long branch-like fingers and began to choke me. I was scared but not as much as I would have expected. I grabbed his hands and tried to pull them off of my throat. I was trying to wiggle under his weight but it was not going well.

Then I heard Giselle say, “Don’t go to Fear.” So I let go of his hands and laid my arms out to the side of me. I felt him get a bit confused as he stepped off of me and stood up.

He still had me by the throat and proceeded to lift me up so I was off the bed. Then he flicked his wrist as he tossed me into the corner of the room.

He just stared at me as I caught my breath. Then I remembered what Giselle had said about the spirits just wanting the light that flows through me and for me to just say, here you go kiddo’s and watch them fade away.

I sat up on my knees, looked right at him and said, “you want is, you got it.” then I pushed my arms out towards him with my palms facing him. Then the brightest light I have ever seen just came shooting out of my palms and it wrapped around him and carried him up into the Heavens.

It was a pretty amazing sight and a pretty amazing feeling. I am still not totally sure how to put into words all that I felt during this but I can say that I am pretty proud of my self now for handling that much better than the first time.

I somehow think that will be the last time I see him. Peace be with you my Tree-like Friend.

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