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Moving Right Along

Custom Painting
Photo by Me, Cheryl Larkin of My Art Work

Time sure is flying by. I am now a few months into my move to Cottonwood and I am settling in very well. I have even gotten back into the swing of painting and doing all the things necessary to sell my art. I am not fond of the marketing and photographing and listing but they are important parts of the bigger picture, which is to eventually support myself with my art.
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Two More Paintings Sold

Two Paintings Sold
Photo By Me, Cheryl Larkin, Of Paintings I Created

I came home from work yesterday, checked my email and was very pleasantly surprised to see an email from ETSY with the subject line of Confirmation Of Order. I scrolled down and saw that I had sold a painting and then a little more scrolling showed that I had actually sold two.

I was so excited. I love to see people being moved enough by my paintings to purchase them. This person is a new ETSY user too. She signed up for on the same day she purchased my paintings. I like to think she saw my paintings and had to have them so she signed up for ETSY and purchased them.
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Affordable Energy Art For Everyone

Paintings I Created
Photo by Me, Cheryl Larkin, of paintings I created

I have been working on creating paintings in various sizes with various price points so everyone can afford to have Healing Energy Art. I have a few of them listed in my ETSY Store now with more on the way.

I have added 3×3 Mini, 4×4 Mini and 5×7 paintings to the store. I am also working on ACEO Cards. All of these have different price points. I wanted to do this so anyone regardless of income can have the opportunity to own original Energy Art.
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Whites And Blues – Newest Paintings

New White And Blue Paintings
Photo by me, Cheryl Larkin, of paintings I created

These are the two newest additions to my ETSY store.

I was having a dream one night and the dream was interrupted. It was like the dream faded into the background and the words Whites and Blues kept flashing in front. That was it, just the words.
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New Paintings Listed At ETSY

Lemurian Seed Crystal Energy Painting
Photo By Me, Cheryl Larkin of a Painting I Painted

Well I finally faced my fear and got some paintings listed in my ETSY Store. I have added 10 new paintings and it is very exciting. Once I hit publish all the fear left and the excitement and joy set in.

I did a lot of research to see how to create listings and what I should charge for the painting and for shipping and what to put as my poilicies, etc and I think that research paid off. I am happy with what I have even though I know it will change as I grow.
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