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Connecting With Mother Earth

An absolutely amazing, beautiful, emotional thing happened last weekend. I had a pure connect with Mother Earth moment. There are no words to convey the beauty of what transpired, but I will tell you about it anyways. 🙂

Giselle took me on a hike to some Indian Ruins near her house. When we got there, after asking permission for entrance, she told me she was going to leave me alone for a little while. She thought that was what was needed. She pointed out a place to sit for me and then she walked away to do her thing.

I was sitting in my spot simply enjoying the beauty of what I could see. Then I looked over to my right and saw a patch of Earth and just thought to myself that I really needed to lie down there.

I got up, took off my sweater, put it down as a pillow, laid down and got comfortable. I spread my arms out beside me, closed my eyes and began caressing the Earth.

Then I heard a voice say, open your eyes. I opened them saw the clear blue sky right in my line of sight. Then clouds came in from both sides and they formed a beautiful woman who just looked straight into my heart and smiled at me.

A slight breeze came up and the women morphed into the face of an owl. The owl looked at me with majesty and hooted. Another slight breeze and the owl morphed into a black jaguar who crooked his head and winked at me. Then I heard the voice say, close your eyes.

I closed my eyes, and felt arms come up from the ground and wrap themselves around me and pull me towards the Earth. What came through those arms was pure Love and I just started crying.

These arms held me in Love for a few minutes and then released me and went back down into the Earth. The voice came back once again and said, you can open your eyes now.

I opened my eyes again and just saw clear blue skies in my line sight. I just stared up into the Heavens and let the tears flow.

It was a truly magical experience. I have never in my life felt the kind of love I felt when those arms had me wrapped up. It was an amazing feeling.

For the first time in this life, I really felt connected to Mother Earth and all the love and beauty she has to offer. Again, there was a shift in my way of thinking and I will never think of the Earth the same again.

I look forward to all the wonderful things I still have yet to experience and I am grateful for all that I have already experienced. What a Ride!

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