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The Tree-Like Visitor Returns

In my previous post, “The Spirits Come A Calling” I described a visit I had from a couple of spirits, and how I did not handle it very well because I went to fear. Well last Sunday, one of them, the tree-like visitor decided to make a return visit.

I was up at Giselle’s. I had had a pretty good day. I had spent some time in the Sanctuary doing some things on my own while Giselle was at work.

About 4 pm I got really tired and cold. I decided to take a nice hot bath. An hour later I was out of the bath much warmer and certainly peaceful, but still a bit tired.

I turned in early that night and set off to have a good night’s sleep. The Universe had other plans. It seemed like I woke up every couple of hours. In between waking up, I did manage to do some dreaming. Most of it was pretty tame and not very exciting….until I had my return visitor.
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Dreams Tell Tales

Last Saturday night, after an intense day of growth with Giselle, I had an interesting dream. I know dreams tell tales and I would love to have this interpreted by someone who is really good at that, but until then I have my own ideas about what this dream was trying to tell me. Enjoy.

Giselle was taking me to see a friend of hers. We went in her car but I sat in the back right in the middle. Her child, who is male in real life but female in my dream, was sitting in between my legs. She was thrilled to be able to buckle us in together. Once we started driving, I fell asleep fairly quickly.

Next thing I know we are standing in front of a blue manufactured home and Giselle spread her arms out, looked at me and said, “Here you go, 45 feet of pure bliss.” We started walking in and all of a sudden were in a greenhouse and there was a short older bald man with a slight beard and mustache working with some of the plants.

He looked up at me and said, “What are you doing here, we don’t need your kind here, get out!” That was when I noticed there was a tall young dark haired kid standing behind me. (I say kid but he was in his early 20’s) the kid just looked at me and then poof! he was gone. Then the old man said we should paint.
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