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Moving Right Along

Custom Painting
Photo by Me, Cheryl Larkin of My Art Work

Time sure is flying by. I am now a few months into my move to Cottonwood and I am settling in very well. I have even gotten back into the swing of painting and doing all the things necessary to sell my art. I am not fond of the marketing and photographing and listing but they are important parts of the bigger picture, which is to eventually support myself with my art.

I did recently paint the largest painting I have done to date. It is the one in the photo above and it is a 24×36. It was a custom painting done by request of the customer. I asked the universe what crystal(s) energy he needed and then painted the above painting for him.

I have to say the universe sure knows how to pick the correct crystals. When I read up on the properties of the crystals chosen, all I could think was, spot on. The energy was strong while I was painting this and boy what a joy it was.

I have realized that I absolutely LOVE doing the larger paintings. It comes with its own challenges but it is so much fun. I plan to keep doing more larger paintings in the future.

All in all, things are moving right along for me. I am settled into my new home with my new job and am not settled into fitting in art time for me. I even just applied to my first ever Juried Art show in Sedona. Now I just have to patiently wait and see if any of the three paintings I submitted are accepted. It is a small step but with big implications for me.

I am so glad I made the choice to move and then went with it. My life is changing but definitely for the better. I will keep trying to get better at posting these blogs posts more often. Thanks for sticking with me.

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