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Hello 2017

Beautiful Sunset
Photo by Me, Cheryl Larkin

Hello 2017!

It is the start of a new year with all the hopes and dreams and magic that is available. The slate is clean, anything can happen and transpire. I for one am going to embrace the unknown of the new year and allow whatever comes my way. Continue reading »

Goodbye 2016

Photo By Me, Cheryl Larkin

Well it is time to say Goodbye to 2016. Alot has happened and changed for me this year, unfortunately I was terrible at sharing it all on the blog here. I promise to do a much better job at posting here in the new year.
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Ringing In 2015 With Paintings Sold And Magic

Two Paintings Of Mine
Photo By Me, Cheryl Larkin Of Paintings I Created

2014 ended on a great note for me as I logged into email on December 31st and had notice that I once again sold two paintings. These paintings both went to the same person and I love the contrast of the soft muted one done with a Shaman Stone combined with the the bold bright one done with Orange Calcite.

I think 2014 was a great year for me artistically, getting the ETSY store up and running and filling it with paintings. It took a while to get it all tweaked but once I did things have moved along easily. I think for my first year with little promotion done I have had a good amount of sales. I plan to promote better in 2015 and add some new sizes and maybe even some different type of energy art so I see great things in my future.
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New Year Cleanse

Photo By Cheryl Larkin

I woke up New Years day with a Sinus Head Cold and I started my period. Great way to start the new year, right? Actually I do think it was a great way to start. I guess it is all about my way of thinking.

Instead of getting mad or frustrated I chose to think of it all as a gift. A wonderful way to cleanse myself so I could move forward in this new year, fresh and clear and new.
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Happy Holidays 2012

I have had happy holidays so far. I missed the traditional Cookie Day because I was really sick but Christmas Eve and Christmas were both wonderful, filled with family, laughter and love.

Christmas Eve was spent at my house out back. We were blessed to have beautiful weather considering it is the end of December. It was a clear night with only a slight breeze and the temperature was just fine.

We had a fire in the fire pit and we all sat around it and ate dinner and then opened gifts. Our backyard was adorned with many Christmas lights so we didn’t even need to use the flood lights to see. This is a sampling of the lights on one side of our yard.

Christmas Lights

There was lots of chatter and laughter. There were about 14 of us so there were different conversations going on at the same time but the joy and happiness spread throughout all of us. It was truly a terrific night just hanging out with family around the fire.
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