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Thursday’s Thoughts – 3/07/2013

Welcome to March. I have less than a month before Blythe’s birthday. I cannot believe my daughter, my baby is going to be 15. Time sure has a way of passing whether you are paying attention or not. Here are my thoughts for today.

I am finding every day that there is so much to be amazed at. I think my heart is truly opening to all the wonderful things out there in the Universe. The feeling of being amazed by something every day is a wonderful feeling.

As I am opening up to the possiblitites my connection with Giselle is getting stronger. I can’t even find the words to express the feelings and the accepting of what is going on. Things are being shown to me and I am finally smart enough to see them.

It is truly beautiful and magical.
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Thursday’s Thoughts – 2/28/2013

Well we made it to the end of February. This has been a weird month for me. It certainly seemed to fly by. We had snow, and quite a bit of it, in Tucson which we are not used to. This photo cracks me up. It should state in Tucson, not Arizona but it makes me giggle.

Who's Playing Jumanji

The other day while Blythe and I were stating what we were grateful for, she actually said she was grateful for sports. It was the first time she stated she was grateful for something that she doesn’t like. I was amazed. Each day I see her getting more into this and I am so thrilled.

Well it looks like it is just about official, Alex Smith is being traded to the Cheifs. I am not a Smith fan but I have to admit that the guy has class. They way he handled all of his time in San Francisco especially losing his starting position mid way through the year last year, is amazing.
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Thursday’s Thoughts – 2/21/2013

Today’s post is going to be a little different. You see, last week was a terrible week at work. I called it “piss on Cheryl” week. My boss was was very hard on me and blaming me for a variety of issues of which maybe 20% were actually my fault. Needless to say it wore me down.

Friday and Saturday I tried to just let it all go but it all seeped in and by Sunday the darkness had taken a hold of me and I lost the will to fight and took the easy road and gave in to it. I spent the next four days in bed.

My spirit was down which lowered all my defenses which in turn allowed the illness in and fever finally took over. Monday and Tuesday I did manage to get up and take my daughter to school but come Wednesday when the fever was at its peak I told my daughter that I could not drive her.

I slept alot and watched a lot of brainless movies but I did not do a lot of thinking. Looking back now I guess I didn’t just do brainless. I did watch a couple of my spiritual movies, you know the ones I watch when I am down. I guess I knew this was more spiritual than I admitted at the time.
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Thursday’s Thoughts – 2/14/2013

Happy Valentines Day
Happy Valentines Day to all! I am actually not one who really celebrates this day. For me it is more important to celebrate and show Love every day so that is what I try to do. I guess I don’t want to be in the mindset of – as long as I celebrate this one particular day I am good -. To each their own, though, so if you like celebrating this day then have at it and enjoy. Now on to today’s thoughts.

The Simple Things
I have been blessed lately to have some simple things occur in my life that just make me happy. For me it is the simple things that truly touch my heart. The simple gesture, the simple picture, the simple words, the simple look, all the simple things. I have been noticing lately that these simple things are touching my heart more and more.
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Thursday’s Thoughts – 2/7/2013

Welcome to February. One month of 2013 down and 11 more to go. I have good thoughts about 2013 and am looking forward to all that will transpire this year. Lots of changes to come, I know, but I am open and willing to accept all that is thrown my way. My first big heartbreak this year has come since the Niners lost the Superbowl. That’s all I will say about that. Now on to today’s thoughts.

Taking away the Superbowl, I had a terrific time up in the Grand Canyon. It was cold, there was snow on the ground and it snowed Sunday morning, which I thought was pretty cool even though I was the only one. I was picked on all weekend for being cold, but it was all in good fun.

It was so great being able to spend some time with Diana and meeting her friends. One of the best things was when Diana was showing me around her work. It was so cool to have my very own personal tour guide. Of course the scenery was beautiful. The Canyon is simply a sight to see and so spiritual.

Diana and I had some wonderful conversations especially on the drive back to Flagstaff on Monday. I had been having some issues and she was so terrific at helping me understand it all and look at things differently. I said this before and I will say it again, Sometimes talking to your best friend is just what the doctor ordered.
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