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Thursday’s Thoughts – 2/14/2013

Happy Valentines Day
Happy Valentines Day to all! I am actually not one who really celebrates this day. For me it is more important to celebrate and show Love every day so that is what I try to do. I guess I don’t want to be in the mindset of – as long as I celebrate this one particular day I am good -. To each their own, though, so if you like celebrating this day then have at it and enjoy. Now on to today’s thoughts.

The Simple Things
I have been blessed lately to have some simple things occur in my life that just make me happy. For me it is the simple things that truly touch my heart. The simple gesture, the simple picture, the simple words, the simple look, all the simple things. I have been noticing lately that these simple things are touching my heart more and more.

While I appreciate the Big Gestures, it is truly the simple things that mean the most to me. These are usually things that are done or shared without much thought and that is why they are so important to me. I know that on the giving side, the simple things come second nature to me and I get so much joy from the simple act.

I wonder what the world would be like if more people focused on the simple things.

I have moments when I am so happy and so open that I can just feel the Love of the Universe flowing right through me, and boy what a feeling that is. It is like amplified joy and laughter running through my veins. It comes and goes but boy when it is here, is is truly spectacular.

As I walk this path I know I am getting closer to this being a much more common occurrence and I am so excited to reach that place. Much of what frightened me early on in this journey is not near as scary now. I am not saying I still don’t have fear because I certainly do, but I am getting much better at recognizing it, dealing with it and letting it go.

In short, my life is getting better and better each day and I am becoming much more accepting of this new way of thinking and of living.

One thing on my mind this week is about the shift in perception while choosing to walk this path. Part of what I am learning is that each soul is on their own journey and their own path. I am trying to accept that but where I run into trouble is being a parent.

My daughter is my daughter in this life. We both agree we have had other lives together. What I struggle with is where to stop being a parent to her body and allow her spirit to follow its chosen path.

Traditonal thought says there are certain things a 14 year should not be doing, but what if the spirits path is to do those certain things at 14 years old in this life.

It is a conunmdrum to me and I am not sure what to do about it. I guess I need to do some meditating and ask the Universe for some advice on this one.

Thanks for reading. Peace, and have a terrific weekend.

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