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Thursday’s Thoughts – 3/07/2013

Welcome to March. I have less than a month before Blythe’s birthday. I cannot believe my daughter, my baby is going to be 15. Time sure has a way of passing whether you are paying attention or not. Here are my thoughts for today.

I am finding every day that there is so much to be amazed at. I think my heart is truly opening to all the wonderful things out there in the Universe. The feeling of being amazed by something every day is a wonderful feeling.

As I am opening up to the possiblitites my connection with Giselle is getting stronger. I can’t even find the words to express the feelings and the accepting of what is going on. Things are being shown to me and I am finally smart enough to see them.

It is truly beautiful and magical.

This post from Facebook Friend Walking My Talk is pretty fitting right now.

Surrendering to possibility is an admission that we do not know everything and cannot see the future. It is also an invitation for newer, higher, yet unknown solutions, opportunities and synchronicities to emerge.

My boss just gave me a good laugh. He was telling me about an email he got that was about questions that members of Congress ask. There was a woman from the House of Representatives who was taking a trip to Hawaii and she wanted to know which was cheaper: flying directly from D.C to Hawaii or flying to L.A and then taking the train to Hawaii.

And these are people we elect to run our country. My boss and I both got a good laugh from that.

There are moments when I realize I still have so much to learn and so much more growing to do but I am thrilled for the opportunities. I am grateful for those moments because they help keep me grounded.

The fact that I can recognize them and don’t let them control me is a wonderful revelation for me. I know I have mde huge strides in the last few months and I know I still have many huge strides left to make and I look to forward to each and every one.

I realized today while driving hme from work that I still have quite a bit of anger in me. It does not show up as frequently as it used to but it is still there.

I am getting better at recognizing it and not letting it take over but I know I still need to deal with and release it all. I feel it in the air that the time is coming soon when I will do just that.

Thanks for reading. Peace, and have a terrific weekend.

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