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Thursday’s Thoughts – 2/28/2013

Well we made it to the end of February. This has been a weird month for me. It certainly seemed to fly by. We had snow, and quite a bit of it, in Tucson which we are not used to. This photo cracks me up. It should state in Tucson, not Arizona but it makes me giggle.

Who's Playing Jumanji

The other day while Blythe and I were stating what we were grateful for, she actually said she was grateful for sports. It was the first time she stated she was grateful for something that she doesn’t like. I was amazed. Each day I see her getting more into this and I am so thrilled.

Well it looks like it is just about official, Alex Smith is being traded to the Cheifs. I am not a Smith fan but I have to admit that the guy has class. They way he handled all of his time in San Francisco especially losing his starting position mid way through the year last year, is amazing.

With the NFL filled with so many ‘it’s all about me’ guys and ‘trouble-makers’, it is refreshing to see someone conduct himself with such class. He could have easily become a ‘cancer’ in the locker room last year but he did what was needed for the team.

I am a bit scared for the Niners as to who their new back-up will be but I am happy for Smith that he can go somewhere and be the starter and leader. I wish him well. Go beat those Raiders, Alex.

I read an article the other day about a person who developed an URN that is designed with a tree seed in it and your ashes get added to it and mixed with soil and then the whole thing gets buried. The container is made of biodegradeable material so the idea is that eventually your ashes will help a new tree grow.

I thought this was a pretty brilliant idea. I have known for ages that I wanted to be cremated but I didn’t know what I wanted done with my ashes. Now I know.

I want things done a little differently but it is basically the same idea. Instead of the urn I just want my ashes mixed with soil that will be used to plant a sapling.

I kind of like the idea that my ahses will help nourish a tree.

Now I just need to decide where I want the tree planted.

Sometimes a hot shower is all you need.

I read a Facebook post about being in the moment and the writer used the example of being in the shower. They said to really “be” in the shower. Pay attention to all that is going on while you are standing under the water. Really listen and truly open your eyes to all the wonderous sights and sounds surrounding you.

My showers have never been the same since, and I love it.

Thanks for reading. Peace, and have a terrific weekend.

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