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Thursday’s Thoughts – 1/30/2013

Here we are, the last Thursday of January. It is hard to believe that January is just about over. On one hand I feel like the new year just began and on the other I feel like it has been going for quite a while. It has not been a boring first month of 2013 for me that’s for sure. I am looking forward to the rest of this year. For now let’s just move on to today’s thoughts.

Grand Canyon here I come. I did promise Diana that I would get up to watch the Superbowl with her if the Niners made it to the big game, and sure enough they did. So I am off for a weekend up at the canyon, hanging out with my best friend and watch the Niners win their 6th Superbowl Title! It is going to be an exciting weekend.

I would like to thank my parents and Diana for their parts in getting me up there. It is a joint effort, I guess you could say. I would prefer it not to be that way but it is what it is and I am willing to take whatever is needed so I can get up there. It has been far too long. GO NINERS!!!!!!

I am struggling with a tough decision but it really shouldn’t be tough for me and I know that but I am still fighting the answer that my heart knows. I have no clue why I am fighting when I know the answer. I tell myself that I am being childish and stubborn by fighting what I already know as true, but still the fight goes on.
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Thursday’s Thoughts 1/24/2013

I have had an up and down week but I am still here and kicking. I have so much running through my brain lately but I am doing my best to not let it overwhelm me. My daughter and I are still doing our morning sharing of what we are grateful for and it is certainly helping throughout the day for me. I think more time is needed for her to really open up to it. Either way, it is a good exercise that we will continue to do. Now on to my thoughts for today.

NINERS ARE GOING TO THE SUPERBOWL!!!! Yep I did just yell that. The Niners won an exciting NFC Championship game coming from 17 points down to take the lead in the 4th quarter and then hanging on for the win. They have not been to the Superbowl since the 1994 season so this has been a long time coming. They have been to the Superbowl 5 times before and have never lost. They will be facing the Baltimore Ravens and shooting for their 6th Superbowl Ring.

Baltimore beat New England which I love to see because I am not a Patriots fan and I really do not like Tom Brady. I will agree that he is a terrific QB, but I think he is big ol’ baby and sore loser. He throws fits when things don’t go his way. In my opinion he does not have class like Joe Montana.
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Thursday’s Thoughts 1/17/2013

“In many shamanic societies, if you came to a medicine person complaining of being disheartened, dispirited, or depressed, they would ask one of four questions: – When did you stop dancing? – When did you stop singing? – When did you stop being enchanted by stories? – When did you stop finding comfort in the sweet territory of silence?” ~ Gabrielle Roth — Thanks for the quote Facebook user Brandon Waloff

This was posted on my Facebook wall and I just loved it so I thought I would share it here with you. I am not sure if the quote is accurate but I like what it is saying. It is a good way to lead off for today’s Thursday’s Thoughts.

The Niners won their playoff game Sunday so they are off to face Atlanta in the NFC Championship Game for the right to move on to the Superbowl! It was such an exciting game and Kapernick was terrific in the game. He silenced a lot of critics with his performance. I think our chances are really good to beat Atlanta and head to the Superbowl for a shot at our 6th Ring. So exciting!

I was out back during my lunch time the other day at work and a breeze came floating by. Over in the corner near the building there was some trash on the ground, little things like bits of paper towel, paper plates etc. The truth is I am not sure what the trash was just that it was there.
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Thursday’s Thoughts 1/10/2013

I am working on getting better at blogging and sharing my thoughts so I decided to just start doing it. I am starting Thursday’s Thoughts to just share my random thoughts of the previous week.

The 49ers play the Packers this Saturday night for the right to move on to the NFC Championship Game and then on to the Superbowl. It has been far too many years since the Niners have brought home a Superbowl Win and I am so excited about their chances this year. I for one stand behind Coach Harbaugh’s decision to keep Kap in the line up over Smith. I know Smith was having a terrific year, but he was still mainly a game manager and I really think we need more than that to win our 6th Superbowl. No matter what I am proud of the team and thrilled that we have had 2 great years in a row with more to come.

It is interesting how many Facebook Friends are posting spiritual things since I opened up to this new path. I’m not sure if they were posting them all before and I didn’t notice or if they are also opening up to Spirit.

Either way, I am grateful for it. Everyday there seems to be at least 1 post that is so timely for me right now. I am beginning to get a new sense of purpose for Facebook now. I hadn’t been spending much time there at all for months before my rebirth, but now I actually enjoy checking in to see what terrific things are being posted.
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