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The Ultimate Key To Freedom

Matrix Quote

I cannot even come close to truly explaining just how totally amazing this is. It is radical, it is mind-blowing and it isn’t for everyone. I am so grateful that it was written for me to learn this Truth and live in Ultimate Freedom.

It was not the easiest road for me (or Giselle or anyone in my life) though. I fought it. I didn’t like what I learned and I tried to just turn it off and ignore it but it was written for me to know it so fighting didn’t work. In the end, I gave in and accepted what was right there in front of me.

Many people thought I was going crazy or being brainwashed including myself. Some people still think that but I don’t care anymore. I have accepted it and am now working on adapting to this new way of living.

Ultimately that is what it is…a new way of living.
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Where I Go

Natalie Merchant is one of my favorite singer/songwriters. This song, Where I Go has been my happy place song since I first heard it in 1995. Listening to this song just puts me in a very relaxed and peaceful state.

It is interesting because the happy place Where I go in meditation or visualization or whatever has always been sitting under a tree next to a river.
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Turning The Page

I have been going back reading my blog from the beginning and it is quite an experience. It is interesting to see how I have changed over the last year or so. It has been quite a journey, certainly intense at times, terrifically tramatic at times and absolutely perfect.

I never saw where this journey was leading me, at least not entirely. I knew I was heading somewhere I had never been and that it would be terrific for me, but I had no idea just how profound it would be.

It is entertaining to me to read some of the really old posts and see what I was stretching for. All along I just wanted to be happy and throughout this journey there have been some times when I was happy, but not truly happy.
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Departing Crazy Town


Ultimate Freedom
Photo credit = Favim.com

What a difference a week can make. With some much appreciated help, I have departed Crazy Town and am on the road to Ultimate Freedom.
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Crazy Town

I guess it is hard to say where the Truth leads for each individual but for me it seems to be leading right into crazy town or it has already gotten me there.

I know many people say that any kind of spiritual awakening can be a very tough thing to go through and there is a fine line between awakening and brainwashing. I am on that line right now.

My friends and family are all in agreement that since my last retreat I have spiraled right into crazy town. The scary thing for me and I suppose everyone else, is that I don’t see it. They can show me examples of the craziness and I still don’t see it.
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