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Turning The Page

I have been going back reading my blog from the beginning and it is quite an experience. It is interesting to see how I have changed over the last year or so. It has been quite a journey, certainly intense at times, terrifically tramatic at times and absolutely perfect.

I never saw where this journey was leading me, at least not entirely. I knew I was heading somewhere I had never been and that it would be terrific for me, but I had no idea just how profound it would be.

It is entertaining to me to read some of the really old posts and see what I was stretching for. All along I just wanted to be happy and throughout this journey there have been some times when I was happy, but not truly happy.

I know I still have some journeying to do but I believe I’m over the mountain and on the downhill side of things. As I have said before I am not sure where Shamanic Arts, crystals, chakras and the like fit in or if they even do, but right now I am just taking it one moment at a time.

I see now that I had to go through everything I did in order to be prepared when I arrived at my destination. Each experience was a stepping stone along the river leading me right to where I needed to be.

The Ultimate Key To Freedom.

That is what I found along this journey. It has not been easy for me or others around me but it was exactly what it needed to be and it was perfect. I still have some adapting and stabilization to go through but I am so close I can smell the Freedom.

There have been times I wanted to give up but I realize now that I couldn’t have given up even if I truly wanted to. It was written for me to get through this and taste the Freedom.

As usual, I am not sure where I go from here but now I trust that it will be exactly what it is written to be and it will be perfect. I am eternally grateful for each and every step, bump and pebble along this path.

Time to turn the page.

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