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Departing Crazy Town


Ultimate Freedom
Photo credit = Favim.com

What a difference a week can make. With some much appreciated help, I have departed Crazy Town and am on the road to Ultimate Freedom.

I cannot even come close to coming up with the right words to share what I am feeling and going through right now. These last four days have certainly had a PROFOUND and POWERFUL effect on me.

After some time to allow everything to marinate I may be able to come up with some words to describe it all, but I may not. We will just have to wait and see what happens.

I believe the last year has been the most powerful for my journey but I can see that everything in my life has actually been leading me here. It is a truly AMAZING thing to See.

I have absolutely no clue where I go from here or what will happen but I know that I am beyond excited to See it all unfold.

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