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Letting Go Or Just Accepting

Photo by me, Cheryl Larkin

Sometimes letting go is really more about accepting what was always there. When you belive something is a particular way it certainly helps guide your thoughts and actions. As I am frowing into the true me I am realizing that some things that I am fighting to let go of are really just illusions that I have believed for so long they seem real to me.

The more I fight letting go, the more I see that all I really need to do is accept how things have always been without my rose colored glasses. I am not sure if that makes it easier but it does make me realize that I don”t really need to let go. I guess it is all about my perception.

I can look back on my life and certain relationships and see how things have always been the way they are now. What has changed is the way I view it. I glossed over things but now that I have grown and truly learned to love myself I have no desire to gloss over anything anymore.

Now the question becomes do I let go or simply accept and change the way I react to things. I also need to accept that I definitely have played my part in keeping things the way they have always been, and that I don’t have much trouble accepting.

This spiritual growth and stepping into the authentic me is certainly an interesting ride.

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