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Changing Energy And Selling A Painting

Orange Calcite Painting Photo By Me, Cheryl Larkin Of Painting I Painted

I admit it. I got caught up in the routine of life and in other things that were invading my mind and I just plain stopped putting any energy into my painting and my ETSY store. I allowed so many other things to take hold of my energy. I feel like I have maybe slept walked through most of 2015.

I mean, I was noticing signs and messages and still working on and putting some energy to my spiritual growth, but not into my painting, which is part of my spiritual growth. A few months ago I woke up and realized what I was doing and made a conscious effort to redirect some of my energy.

Well, it has worked. I was able to to paint a few more paintings and even went through the tedious process of photographing them and actually getting them listed on ETSY. It definitely paid off the other day as I sold the painting above.

I always get so much joy knowing that a painting is on its way to whom it is meant for. I truly believe that when a painting moves a person enough to actually purchase it, it is heading where it is meant to be, even if the person is buying it for someone else.

I now know I need to be more conscious and vigilant about directing my energy into multiple phases of my life. My spiritual growth is important but so is my painting and actually selling the paintings. This whole year has been one filled with messages and signs and learning for me, and this situation is no different.

Time for me to work on balance. I look forward to it all.

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