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Finding My Passion

Uplifted Painting
Photo and Painting by Cheryl Larkin

It has taken me many years but I think I have finally found my passion and it is not what I expected or what I would have guessed. I have found that there is room in me to be passionate about multiple things and I love that.

I am passionate about painting, specifically painting with spray paint. I am learning about acrylic painting too but I think the spray paint is my first choice. I will eventually combine the two mediums but for now my focus is on the srpay paint.

I am having a blast playing around with colors and textures and layering. I am finding that I can get different results based on how I hold the can and what angle I spray from. I am learning that the paint reacts differently depending on what I am painting onto. I really love painting on stretched canvas.

I am passionate about crystals. I love holding them, smelling them, seeing them and using them. I want to fill my house with them. I am reading all I can and learning so much about them. I am sharing them with others when I feel the urge.

I am working on a business plan and details to put together a section of this webiste to sell them. I want to share these wonderful, beautiful and very useful stones with the world. I want to share what I learn about them and spread their magic out into the world.

I am passionate about photography. I have began taking picutres of nature and I am loving it. It is helping me see the beauty in nature where I didn’t see it before. It is bringing me closer to nature and that is such a wonderful gift.

Nature is certainly my favorite thing to photograph. I am especially drawn to sunrises, sunsets and the moon. Of course living where I do I am also starting to look at cactus and trees in a new way. I love that I can snap 1000 photos with my digital camera and then look later to see what ones are good. The ones I truly love will end up in my ETSY Store.

I am passionate about Chakras. I am learning all I can about them. I learning to feel the energy of mine and other peoples so I can tell which ones are in need of help. I am working on keeping mine balanced and open.

I am saving up money to go through the training to become a ChakraDance Facilitator. Thinking of being able to lead people in dancing that is designed to open up chakras and get them spinning properly brings a smile to my face and warmth to my heart.

I am passionate about many things but these four are the things I really want to do to support myself and to share with the world. All four of them are great ways to help others, each in their own unique way and I love that.

I love that I have finally found a way to help other people by doing things that I love and that bring me such joy. I know what I am passionate about, finally and now I just need to reconcile my life with these so I can finally do what I am meant to do.

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