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Finding My Passion

Uplifted Painting
Photo and Painting by Cheryl Larkin

It has taken me many years but I think I have finally found my passion and it is not what I expected or what I would have guessed. I have found that there is room in me to be passionate about multiple things and I love that.

I am passionate about painting, specifically painting with spray paint. I am learning about acrylic painting too but I think the spray paint is my first choice. I will eventually combine the two mediums but for now my focus is on the srpay paint.
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Chakras, Breathing and More

I am amazed at how things are just seeming to flow for me. 2 years ago I found a place online that offers classes and courses on many different topics. For a one time fee you can take as many classes as you want for a full year.

I have been saying for 2 years how I want to do it but I never have. Well after getting to know my crystals I started feeling a pull to learn about crystal therapy so I went back to this site and sure enough they have a course on that.

Then I started thinking I should probably know about energy first so I started looking for reiki courses and yep, those are there as well. Then I started thinking again and realized I should probably learn and understand Chakras first and sure enough they had a chakra course.

So I just said what the hell and I paid my money and signed up for the chakra course. I am only 2 lessons in and already feel like I have gotten my money’s worth. It is so interesting.
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