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A Day For Love

Love Painting
Photo and Painting By Cheryl Larkin

Today is Valentine’s Day, a day for love. I do not have a significant other but I am surrounded by love and I am grateful for that. I hope next February I will be celebrating with my True Love but this year it is more about me.

I read a post on facebook about lving yourself, something I have I really opened up to in the past few years. This post said that it would be great if you wrote a Love Letter to yourself. One that says all the things you would love to hear from someone else, or one that simply goes over what you love about yourself.

I think that is a brilliant idea even if you do have a significant other. To truly opne your heart up to love you have for yourself and put it down on paper would be, I think, a fantastic experience. That is why I am doing it this year.

I think my letter will cover what I love about myself as well as what I would love to hear someone else say about me. This is the first time in my life that I have really ever felt loney because I do not have that special someone.

I used to never want that special someone and then I had my husband but the marriage did not work out, which I can see know was for the best. After my divorce I really closed off my heart but then I met Giselle and she broke right through the walls and opened me up to love again. And this time I was opened to pure love.

Now that I have felt the pure love I am ready for passionate romantic love so I can get all mushy and romantic on Valentine’s Day as well as all the other days of the year. This is a weird feeling for me and wanting that love has me now dealing with lonliness.

I know I do not need the love of that special someone to be happy, but I do want it. I am ready for it, I think. Of course the Universe may have other thoughts about that. I know I am meant to have it, I just have to have the patience to wait for it to arrive.

I am filled with so much love and not afraid to share it anymore so I am looking forward to being with my True Love and showering all my love onto her. Until then I have no issues sharing it all with my friends and family. There is plenty to go around.

I hope you are surrounded by love and freely give and receive love. Happy Valentine’s Day.

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3 Responses to “A Day For Love

  1. Valer @BlogUpp

    Dear Cheryl,

    Just wanted to let you know that your blog has been selected as per Valentine’s blog contest announced on BlogUpp blog.

    Enjoy blogging and inspiring others!

    Kindest regards,
    Valer @BlogUpp

  2. Hi Valer,

    Thank you so much. I appreciate the nod and am grateful my blog has interested and touched people.

    I tried to comment at your site but could not enter the captcha because it was hidden behind the facebook comment box.

    Thanks again.


  3. Cheryl, thank you for letting me know.
    It must be okay now.

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