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I Love Emotions

Sunrise In Tucson
Photo By Cheryl Larkin

It has been just about a year since Giselle introduced me to the Truth and I learned of The Ultimate Key To Freedom. It has been quite the year that is for sure. I have gone through so much, and am still learning and growing and adapting but one thing I have realized is that I Love Emotions.

Everything in life is an experience and the key to ultimate freedom is to truly realize that and to enjoy every experience no matter what the experience is and no matter if it is so called negative or bad. All expereinces are enjoyable depending on how you view it.

When I first learned of this Truth, I was worried that I would no longer feel. I worried that I would just become a cold robot who didn’t care about anything or anyone because I would no longer have any emotions or feelings. Crazy thoughts, but that is what went through my head.

What I have realized is that The Ultimate Key To Freedom is not about not having any feelings or emotions, but really it is about having all sorts of feelings and emotions but viewing them differently and experiencing them all but in a different way than you are used to.

I feel the energy running through me for all sorts of emtoions and I can feel the difference between the energy for the different emotions. There are no real stories or I am not paying attention to the stories but they are there. I just enjoy the energy.

IF I am sad and feel like crying, I cry, and I truly enjoy it. If I am angry and feel like screaming and cussing, then I scream and cuss and I truly enjoy it all. I actually think the energy from being angry is the most enjoyable for me for where I am right now in life.

I do not hold anything back anymore, or try to stiffle any feelings or emotions. In fact, I completely get into allowing them to run right through me and do what they need to do. It is so much fun and so enjoyable. Even if I am having so called negative emotions, I really love having them and I know that they will run their course and I will move on in my story.

I love the emotions, I love them all, I love the energy that flows, it is all so fantastic and enjoyable. I love finally allowing Cheryl to embrace each and every emotion that comes forth. I used to try to hide them and stiffle them so allowing it all to flow is so freeing to me and so much fun.

When I feel pain in my heart, I truly feel it, and I mope and I cry but underneath it all I am sitting back under a tree on the bank of the river smiling and enjoying myself and being at peace. It is a weird situation but a wonderful one.

I Love emotions and I am so grateful that learning the Truth has allowed me to open up to this pure joy that comes for having all the emotions running through me and viewing them as the fantastic energy that they are.

I do not stress over any emotions anymore and I do not try to keep any of them at bay, I open myself up and say come on in because it is how I view them now that makes all the differece and I would not change that even if I could.

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