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Dreams Tell Tales

Last Saturday night, after an intense day of growth with Giselle, I had an interesting dream. I know dreams tell tales and I would love to have this interpreted by someone who is really good at that, but until then I have my own ideas about what this dream was trying to tell me. Enjoy.

Giselle was taking me to see a friend of hers. We went in her car but I sat in the back right in the middle. Her child, who is male in real life but female in my dream, was sitting in between my legs. She was thrilled to be able to buckle us in together. Once we started driving, I fell asleep fairly quickly.

Next thing I know we are standing in front of a blue manufactured home and Giselle spread her arms out, looked at me and said, “Here you go, 45 feet of pure bliss.” We started walking in and all of a sudden were in a greenhouse and there was a short older bald man with a slight beard and mustache working with some of the plants.

He looked up at me and said, “What are you doing here, we don’t need your kind here, get out!” That was when I noticed there was a tall young dark haired kid standing behind me. (I say kid but he was in his early 20’s) the kid just looked at me and then poof! he was gone. Then the old man said we should paint.

(I did not dream of actually painting, just the final product. This is a picture of what I painted, but in my dream I am much more talented. The painting was done in blues, greens and reds just kind of all meshing together. It was actually pretty beautiful. I have no idea what it is supposed to represent.)

Dream Painting

We were suddenly inside and that is where I was looking at my painting. Then I heard a car start up and thought to myself that it sounded like my sister and she must be leaving for work, so I decided to go outside so I could wave to her.

(Of course, when I am in Cottonwood and it magically becomes morning I can absolutely hear my sister’s car starting up in Tucson, and is there any doubt that she could see me wave to her from 200 miles away. 🙂 )

Now I am standing outside in the middle of the street waving at my sister and I hear a dog start barking. I look to my left and I see a really big white dog with large orange spots on it. I think it was some sort of pitbull or bulldog, something of that sort.

Then magically some weird ceramic round shield appears in my right hand and I start using it to shoo the dog away. The dog keeps barking and then comes closer to me and next thing I know it bit me on my right hand in the fleshy part between the thumb and forefinger.

(During all of this I had no real fear. I don’t even know why I was trying to shoo the dog away.)

I looked down at my hand and the ceramic shield was gone. I looked at the bite and it was only on top of my hand and it was tiny. It kind of reminded me of a rabbit bite.

The dog started barking again and turned to walk away, so I followed it to its house and into the kitchen. The kitchen was a galley style with the door at one end and the fridge at the other right near the entrance to the living room.

The dog walked to the fridge, turned and looked me then walked off. Then a young man walked into the kitchen. He had what I can only describe as another small entity on its shoulder and head. It was not just sitting on him, it was attached and part of him. It was covered in a white sheet. He looked at me and said something but I don’t know exactly what he said.

Then a long hair cat walked into the kitchen, looked at me and said, “its time to go” then walked out the door, so I followed it. I was now in the middle of the street and realized I had no idea where I was or how to get back to the manufactured home where Giselle was. So I just started walking.

The sun was setting now and I saw headlights coming towards me. It was some sort of SUV or Minivan and it stopped beside me and the window rolled down and a woman asked what I was doing.

(I don’t know how I know this but the woman was Giselle’s dream sister. I don’t think Giselle has a sister in real life but in my dream she did.)

I got into the car and told her that I was lost and trying to find my way back to Giselle. I told her Giselle was at a friends house but I didn’t know where it was. So she picked up her cell phone and made a call, then hung up and said, “Ok I know where we are going.”

We drove for a little bit and then my vision focused onto a green street sign that was illuminated by the headlights. It said ‘Inept”. Giselle’s sister said, “we found it.” And that was the end of the dream.

There weren’t any real strong feelings during the dream. The only sounds were normal sounds for the situations. I didn’t feel any fear or pain. In general for the most part I was pretty peaceful through the entire thing. When I was lost I was maybe a bit worried but not a lot. The dream was in color, obviously, but again everything was normal color.

I did some research on certain parts of the dream and the symbols and colors of things to see if I could get an idea of what this was all about, but I feel it is truly incomplete. I have an idea of what I think it is all about but I will keep that too myself until I can get someone to really interpret the dream.

No matter what it is, it certainly was an interesting dream to have.

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