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Abundance Sinking In

I had an AHa (otherwise known as DUH) moment earlier in the week. As usual I came across a terrific post on Facebook that just hit me and made perfect sense of something I had been struggling to understand, Abundance.

I was so simple and I am not sure why I hadn’t grasped this before. I mean Giselle and I have talked about Abundance more than once, but I never ‘got it’ until now. I know Giselle has told me this before but it never sunk in. I guess it is all about timing.

Abundance is enoughness!

I was thinking that Abundance meant unlimited or excess I guess. I know Abundance is unlimited so that may not be the right word. What I thought was I would have money falling out of every pocket, you know, enough so that $100 becomes pocket change, so money is never an issue. Because of these views, views that I didn’t even really understand that I had until now, I thought Abundance was a myth.

I have done quite a bit of growing and learning over the past few months and I may be slow but many of things that Giselle has been teaching me are finally starting to sink in. I am getting a clearer head, know what I mean. I do know that I grasp the concept now way better than I have in the past.

Now that my thinking is clearer and I understand the difference between Abundance and excess (as I see it), I can see that Abundance has been there for me for quite a long time. Things haven’t always been easy, and I have certainly had more than my fair share of troubles and issues, but somehow, someway they always work out. What I need just seems to be there. Many times I couldn’t even tell you how it worked out but it did.

Accepting that Abundance has been and is a part of my life doesn’t mean that I will stop asking for excess. It just means now I have a better idea of what exactly to ask for and what to be thankful for. I also accept that just because I ask for excess doesn’t mean I will get it, but I will continue to ask, after all It never hurts to ask.

All I know right now is that there is a large-to-me sum of money that I would love to have which would benefit me, my parents, my sister, my daughter and my ex in different ways and that is what I am thinking of as excess. Maybe that is incorrect thinking as well.

Someday down the road when I have been walking this path a little longer I may finally come to realize that I no longer need to ask for excess because it truly is part of Abundance. I don’t really know but I figure when and if that time comes I will have another AHa moment and that will be that.

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