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Thursday’s Thoughts – 3/21/2013

This has actually been a very relaxing and enjoyable week for me. Even though things have happened that would maybe make you think it should have been a terrible week, it truly wasn’t. Here are my thoughts for today.

Well, I did indeed get laid off from my job. They called me Sunday evening and told me. I was prepared for it but even still it was a bit scary and it did take a while for me to let the negative feelings flow through me.

I have tried not to make a big deal out of it. I am just accepting it and doing what I can to move on. I did email Giselle and I have to share what she replied with, because it is brilliant.

And Congratulations on getting laid off. Isn’t it great when those things we can’t stand in our lives just effortlessly fall away making room for more joyful abundant opportunities? It’ll all work out perfectly…

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Abundance Sinking In

I had an AHa (otherwise known as DUH) moment earlier in the week. As usual I came across a terrific post on Facebook that just hit me and made perfect sense of something I had been struggling to understand, Abundance.

I was so simple and I am not sure why I hadn’t grasped this before. I mean Giselle and I have talked about Abundance more than once, but I never ‘got it’ until now. I know Giselle has told me this before but it never sunk in. I guess it is all about timing.

Abundance is enoughness!

I was thinking that Abundance meant unlimited or excess I guess. I know Abundance is unlimited so that may not be the right word. What I thought was I would have money falling out of every pocket, you know, enough so that $100 becomes pocket change, so money is never an issue. Because of these views, views that I didn’t even really understand that I had until now, I thought Abundance was a myth.
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