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Universe Show Me Something Beautiful

Tree Roots
Photo by me, Cheryl Larkin

Every morning one of the first things I do is say Universe Show Me Something Beautiful. This statement puts me into a mind set to really notice and appreciate all the beauty that I am surrounded by every day.

I have found that by simply being aware and truly noticing all the beauty, I am a much happier and peaceful person. I know I am noticing things that before would have just passed right on by me. I have seen some truly amazing things since I started doing this.

This is a tool for Access Consciousness, which is a topic for another post, but this stuff has really changed my views on life and has me appreciating everything and realizing life is pretty easy if you just go with it.

There are other parts of my morning ritual but this one statement really helps me geel connected with the Universe. When I do something out of the ordinary after saying this statement, I just smile and know that the Universe is listening.

I take time every night to thank the Universe for all the beauty that was around me that day. I think it is important to give that thanks. It is all about changing my thinking and my perception but it has certainly helped me to be happier.

There is so much beauty that I think most humans do not notice. In fact, I think everything is beautiful in its own way. Truly learning to appreciate all the beauty has been a great step for me toward heading to the life I truly want to live.

So what beauty have you seen today?

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