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Birthday Weekend 2014

Me and My Sister
Photo Taken By My Niece of Me and My Sister in 2010

Well, our birthday weekend is officially over but boy did we have a wonderful time. I am so lucky to always have someone to spend my birthday with. My sister and I always have a great time together and this weekend was no different.

We had some casino time, which we very much enjoy. We went to a wonderful Restorative Yoga/Massage/Dinner/Hot Tub mini retreat with Joanna from Akasha Healing Arts. That was quite a fabulous experience.

Restorative Yoga with massage while we were in our yoga poses and let me tell you, that is a fantastic feeling. After the yoga we were treated to a very fresh and yummy dinner with great conversation and we ended with a relaxing sit in the Hot Tub. We will be doing that again sometime.

Saturday and Sunday were really spent sleeping in, relaxing, have great conversations with each other and watching a bunch of movies. We were very happy with the movies we chose as all but one were very enjoyable to us.

At one point I did an energy treatment on my sister to help her with her lock jaw and tooth pain. IT was a great experience for both of us. I tried a different technique but as usual let the energy guide me. The things that we find out about during these treatments is always very interesting to both of us.

I am not sure how people who are not twins spend their birthdays but for me and my sister we cannot think of a better way to spend ours than hanging out with each other. We always have lots of laughter and great conversations no matter what else we do.

All in all our birthday weekend 2014 was a great success.

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