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Criminal Minds Using My Painting In An Episode

LemurianSeed1 Painting
Photo Taken By Me, Cheryl Larkin, Of A Painting I Painted

Talk about a huge surprise for me. I was contacted by an Art Director for the TV Show Criminal Minds. She was asking if she could purchase a high res digital download photo of one of my paintings. Of course, I was thrilled and said sure thing.

I mean what a deal for me. I get paid what I was aksing for the original painting but I get to keep the painting and I get to see my art in an episode of one of my favorite shows. Un-fricken-believable!

I just spoke with her this morning and she told me that they are blowing it up to 6 feet wide. Talk about huge. She said that I should be able to see it during the episode since they are making it so large. She also told me that it will be in the episode that is airing on January 14, 2015.

My family is going to get together and have a party and watch the episode together to see if we can spot my artwork which now just got easier since they are making it so large. This is so terribly exciting. I am beyond thrilled and happy and honored about this.

When I first started painting, I did so for me. I get such great joy out of painting. I did eventually open an ETSY store and have sold a few paintings which has been so exciting in itself, but now to have one in a episode of one of my favorite tv shows, is just mind blowing.

I cannot wait for January 14th to come around so I can see my art on tv. I would say this is a dream come true but I didn’t even know this was a dream that I could have. I am so grateful for Adele Wilson, who found my painting and loved it enough to purchase for the show and for also blowing it up large enough that I could actually see it on screen.

What a fantabulous experience for me. I am walking on air right now.

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