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Stop, Drop, and Roll

I overslept yesterday morning by 10 minutes and started freaking out. I was worried about getting to work later than usual. I would not be late to work as I usually get there 30 minutes early because I take my daughter to school. So I was freaking out over nothing.

I kept thinking about my general routine that I go through when I get to work and worrying that I wouldn’t be able to do it all before clocking in. I could feel my blood running faster and in my head I was running faster trying to make up those damn 10 minutes.

What all this made me realize is that I need to let go of routines and just go with the flow. When I finally got to work I stepped out back, and took a moment to breathe and slow myself down. I thought about how enjoyable those 10 extra minutes of sleep were.

It is interesting how things are thrown at me to teach me the lessons I need to learn. This is one lesson I will now take to heart.

This post below from a Facebook Friend that I came across last night seems to sum up what I was doing in a sense. It is so amazing to me how I can think of something or wonder about something and then an explanation or clarification just seems to find its way to me.

I love this from Steffany Barton over at Angel’s Insight


If you find that your ego attempts to set fire to Spirit’s plans, when your thinking gets panicked, practice the spiritual safety technique of stop, drop, and roll. It could save your life.

First, stop. Pause your thinking, halt fear, freeze anxiety. Stop worrying, fretting, or conjuring up every worst case scenario. Stop.

Then, drop. Drop the judgement, release resistance, let yourself sink into the moment and allow yourself to be. Accept help, accept inspiration, accept that you need not always control. Drop.

Last, roll. Roll in the support of those around you: the earth, friends, your spiritual practices, prayer. Roll yourself in the comfort of knowing that Love always, always extinguishes fear and will triumph forever more.

Fight fear, extinguish anxiety, be free. Stop, drop, and roll!
You are loved! Yes

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