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Three Years And Still Growing

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Well, it has been anotehr year. That makes 3 years since I first met Giselle and my life began to change. I have certainly done a lot of growing and changing in these past 3 years, and I think Giselle has done some of her own as well.

I am still making my way and figuring out my path but I am definitely doing so with more pep in my step. The changes in me are amazing and I am excited to see what is going to happen each and every day. What a gift Giselle has given me by holding sacred space when I needed and kicking me in the ass when needed.

A few months ago Giselle came down to Tucson and we spent some time together. There was a new energy with us and I was not sure what it was. After mentioning it to Giselle she said she felt it too. Ultimately what we believe happened was we both moved out of the student/teacher energy and what is left is simply friendship.

I honestly do not know where our friendship will go from here, but I do know that it will be whatever it is meant to be. And, I for one am totally excited to see where it is heading.


There will never be enough words or the right words to accurately desribe just how much knowing you and loving you has changed my life, and how much I have learned from you, directly and indirectly. It has been and continues to be a fantastic and entertaining ride. I do not know where we go from here as we step out of the student and teacher roles but I know it will be quite the story, no matter what. You will forever be a part of me, your footprints firmly entrenched in my heart and soul. I Love You.


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