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Strong Message From The Universe

Photo By Me, Cheryl Larkin

I recently applied for a promotion at work as ADC Trainer. I need more money and I hate to have to start over at a new company so when the position opened up I thought it was my opportunity to move up. I thought I had a great chance at it since my boss has already been sending people to me to train. I was wrong. My boss told me the other day he was not even going to interview me for the position.

I was understandably upset. I left the meeting and had to go to work which I was not looking forward to. It really had me down. A few hours into work I was taking a break and sitting in my car dwelling over what was not going to be. I threw up my hands and said,

“Ok Universe, now is the time to bring about change, to help me move to where I need to be. I deserve better than I have now and I know bigger and better things are in store for me, so please bring them on. I am ready.”

Then I walked back into my metal container to get a drink. I heard a car pull up so I turned to step out of my container to go help the donor and just about stepped on the tarantula in the photo above. I asked him where he came from and giggled as I stepped around him and helped the donor.

After helping the donor I picked the little guy up and moved him to a shady spot away from my container. Then I decided to look up the spiritual meaning of tarantulas. I have worked in that container for over a year and this was the first one I had seen so I figured it was meaningful. Well, this is what I found at spirit-animals.com.

You are being asked to be patient for the moment. All you are asking for and trying to create in your life is coming to fruition behind the scenes. You must step back and allow it all to take hold in a solid foundation. Moving too soon can create an instability that will undermine all of your hard work. trust that you will be given the information and knowledge you need for your next move when the time comes.

Alternatively Tarantula can also be letting you know that positive changes are now taking hold in your life and that it is time to integrate the spiritual with the physical. Trust your intuition and continue to move forward.

Well, you could imagine my shock when reading that. I laughed and said, “Ok Universe, I get it.” I mean this message could not be any clearer to me. This, to me, was definitely the Universe slapping me upside the head.

I know what I am working towards and I dream about it all the time and of course want it to happen right now, but with this message I will do my best to have patience and allow it to come to fruition in the right time.

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