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Judgement Is Not Judgement

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Photo By Me, Cheryl Larkin

I had an epiphany the other day at work. I had noticed recently that I was judging people all day at work for stupid things like running the stop sign, or not pulling into my site to donate, or being impatient because the person in front was actually stopping at the stop sign, you know lots of little things.

I have been catching myself in these moments of judgement and asking who does this belong to, which is one very useful tool from Access Conscoiusness, which is another topic all together. Anyway, the idea is that if you ask who does this belong to and you feel lighter, then it really doesn’t belong to you so you can let it go.

Well, the other day I caught myself judging and asked who does this belong to and I did not feel lighter. So I giggled and said to myself, yep it really does belong to me. As soon as I finsihed that sentence I heard the following and also saw it streaming across my eyes.

Judgement is not really about judgement. It is about acceptance.

I repeated the sentence to myself and then went on to talk to myself, which I actually do quite a bit. The following is what I said.

Judgement is not really about judgement. It is about acceptance. Okay, so when I am judging am I accepting or not accepting. I am not accepting. If I was accepting then I would realize that everyone is on their own path and every thing they do or say is part of that path and is serving them in one way or another. Just like judgement has served me to get me to this point about acceptance.

I get this on an intellectual level right now, but I do still have some work to do on truly knowing it and accepting it in my soul. It really goes beyond simple judgement. To truly realize and accept that everything, even the stuff we deem as negative, is actually serving a purpose. well that is huge pill to swallow but I am working on getting it down.

For me it is about learning to accept that everything I do and say and think is serving a purpose for me, and the same is true for everyone else. Some of us are farther along on our journey than others and once I can truly grasp that and know it in my soul then me judging myself and others will stop.

Quite the epiphany for me.

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