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As My Path Becomes Clearer

Tree Sunrie
Photo By Cheryl Larkin

Sometimes it takes a while to truly figure out what you want or where you want to go. I have been through so much in the last few years and I have certainly had my ups and downs and have been introcued to many new things.

I have, I feel been trying to force certain things because I felt that was my path, but now as I am starting to come out of the cobwebs things are starting to get clearer for me. I am learning what I am truly passionate about and it is not neccessarily what I thought.
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My New Favorite Place Online – Bubblews

Graphic Credit: Cheryl Larkin – I Created this myself.

I recently came across a new to me website for earning some extra money. It is a place where they want you to Speak Freely and Write Your World. The are calling it a form of social blogging. I liked the look of the site and really liked the idea of earning some money so I joined and decided to give it a try.
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