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My New Favorite Place Online – Bubblews

Graphic Credit: Cheryl Larkin – I Created this myself.

I recently came across a new to me website for earning some extra money. It is a place where they want you to Speak Freely and Write Your World. The are calling it a form of social blogging. I liked the look of the site and really liked the idea of earning some money so I joined and decided to give it a try.

I am just finishing up my first month there and I have earned $125 so far. All I had to do to earn that was write what they call Bubbles, and what normal people call posts or articles. I also have spent time gaining new connections, and reading, liking and commenting on other people’s bubbles.

It is safe to say I am loving this site. I have learned so much from reading what other people have written. It is a global community so there is so much to learn about other countries and cultures.

Over this past month I have opened up to what I am writing about and have started posting personal things and not just information articles. It is a social community after all so writing about my life fits right in.

In a strange way it has been opening me up in all sorts of ways. It is helping my writing skills, it is helping me have confidence in what I know, and have to share. It has helped open me up creatively and I have started writing and sharing poems again.

I hadn’t written a poem in ten years until April during my last retreat with Giselle where I wrote ‘Five Hours’. I hadn’t written a poem since that time until Bubblews got under my skin.

In general my creativity is flowing faster and my mind is opening up and my heart is opening up. This site is filled with such wonderful people who really help each other and are so caring and giving. It is like no other online community that I have seen before.

They do not have a lot of rules but you have to follow the ones they do have. IF you don’t follow the rules you will not get paid. I have been paid within a week of each redemption every time I have requested payment.

There are a lot of people who are saying the site is a scam but they are the ones who broke the rules so they didn’t get paid. It only takes one mistake on one post to lose your entire redemption.

They pay via PayPal using echeck. It takes 3 days after you redeem for the echeck to hit your PayPal account and then a few more days for it to be cleared for you to use. They are working on improving that.

This is a site for original writing so what I write there will never be posted here and vice versa. Lucky for me, I have enough to say to be able to write for both without issues. I will and have covered the same topics but I have written different articles for each site.

The site can be very frustrating at times because it is so slow and there are many times the site goes down. It is growing at such a huge rate that they are having issues keeping up. The owners are doing their best but there are only a few of them so it takes time to do anything.

I am so glad I found this site, not just because it is earning me money but because of the changes in me in this first month since I have been there. If you have patience, are curious, love to share your world, want to meet great people, want to learn new things, want to earn some extra money, and will follow the rules, you should check Bubblews out.

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