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Happy Holidays 2012

I have had happy holidays so far. I missed the traditional Cookie Day because I was really sick but Christmas Eve and Christmas were both wonderful, filled with family, laughter and love.

Christmas Eve was spent at my house out back. We were blessed to have beautiful weather considering it is the end of December. It was a clear night with only a slight breeze and the temperature was just fine.

We had a fire in the fire pit and we all sat around it and ate dinner and then opened gifts. Our backyard was adorned with many Christmas lights so we didn’t even need to use the flood lights to see. This is a sampling of the lights on one side of our yard.

Christmas Lights

There was lots of chatter and laughter. There were about 14 of us so there were different conversations going on at the same time but the joy and happiness spread throughout all of us. It was truly a terrific night just hanging out with family around the fire.

Christmas morning was at my parents as usual. Lots of present under the tree which seem to take us forever to open. Of course we open in an orderly fashion so we can actually watch other people and see what other people get.

My dad tried to trick us all by saying there would be no biscuits and gravy but we didn’t believe him. It is tradition to have biscuits and gravy, scrambled eggs with cream cheese, bacon and various juices for Christmas morning breakfast. We all look forward to it every year. Mom really spoils us all.

The gift giving went well and I think everyone was happy with the gifts they gave and received. I know I was. I was thrilled that I was able to actually surprise my daughter with a few gifts. She usually guesses what I am giving her but there were 3 this year that she did not guess. Score one for me. 🙂

We finished about 1:30, went home to unload our gifts and get some rest (or watch Cagney & Lacey which I did since I got the complete series from my sister, what a terrific gift and about time they got it released). Then it was back to my parents for Christmas dinner about 5pm. Did I say mom really spoils us yet?

Of course through all of this there is always lots of good conversation and plenty of laughter. We are a weird bunch but we are pretty proud of that.

I am truly blessed to have such a terrific and close knit family. There are so many people who are surprised when they join us for a family get together because they are not used to such things. I treasure every moment and am grateful for the opportunities to celebrate with my family. (Even if we are just celebrating that it is Tuesday!)

I am looking forward to an enlightening, entertaining, abundant and superb New Year.

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