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New Year Cleanse

Photo By Cheryl Larkin

I woke up New Years day with a Sinus Head Cold and I started my period. Great way to start the new year, right? Actually I do think it was a great way to start. I guess it is all about my way of thinking.

Instead of getting mad or frustrated I chose to think of it all as a gift. A wonderful way to cleanse myself so I could move forward in this new year, fresh and clear and new.

My thinking on the whole period thing changed after something Giselle said to me. I used to dread my period and fight it the whole way and complain about it, but now I realize what a gift it is and I treasure each moment of it.

She reminded me that we women are blessed to have the period because it means we can give life. We are a gift to Mother Earth and years ago men were so envious that they would ceremonial cut themselves just so they could also give blood back to Mother Earth.

Well, it was something like that anyways. The point is, it is a gift that should be treasured and since I learned that I do treasure it. I think starting the new year with it is a wonderful thing.

As for the sinus head cold I have not taken any medication for it because I want to just let it run its course. I mean, what is a cold, it is a way for our body to release harmful crap. I embraced that and am letting it do its thing.

It is true that I have not felt the greatest but I have also certainly felt worse. Day before yesterday was the worse becuase that is when the fever hit. Luckily I was able to spend the day in bed letting the fever do what it needed to do.

I woke up the following morning feeling better than I had all year, so far. Now I am just down to lots of sneezing, blowing of my nose and coughing up all the gunk that has accumulated during this cold in my chest.

I am not fond of this stage but it is the final stage and I look forward to coming out of it refreshed and cleansed and ready to take on whatever is in store for me in 2014.

So bring on the New Year….The New Cleansed Me is ready to face it and experience and love and laugh and cry and enjoy and learn and grow and Live.

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