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Reiki Flowing Into My Life

Mountains and Tree
Photo By Me, Cheryl Larkin

Well I didn’t do a very good job of blogging in January. I did however get my Reiki Attunements and am now a Reiki Master. I cannot even describe how great I feel since geting the attunements. I give myself a Reiki Treatment every night before bed and man have I been sleeping great. The energy flowing through me is absolutely amazing.

I have been practicing with the Reiki Hand Placements. I have given my family some Rapid Reiki and Full hour treatments. Before the attunements I was using crystals and giving energy treatments and I know that once I get really comfortable with the Reiki process I will integrate the crystals back into my sessions. I am shooting for this summer to actually start offering my Reiki services to others. I have some details to work out first but I am looking forward to it.

I start every morning reciting the 5 Reiki Principles and it really does set the tone for the whole day.

Just For Today I will not worry
Just for today I will be angry
Just for today I will do my work honestly
Just for today I will be thankful for my many blessings
Just for today I will be kind to my neighbors and all living things

Fully integrating Reiki into my life is a great journey and I a so thrilled to feel the difference it is making already. I am so grateful that I got out of my own way and finally took the steps needed to learn Reiki and get my attunements. What a gift.

I still feel it. 2015 is already magical and I just know it is going to keep getting better.

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