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Open Up To Miracles

Miracles Happen
Photo By Cheryl Larkin – Quote By Unknown

Miracles start to happen when you give as much energy to your dreams as you do to your fears. – Unknown

I see this quote around quite a bit and I have always smiled at it and then moved on. I never really took the time to really think about it or even let it completely soak into my veins. It is a pretty powerful statement.

The first step is to accept it and I finally have. In the last few months I have been making a much more conscious effort to go after my dreams than I have ever done before. A lot of that could be because of my situation but I do think a lot has to do with my mindset.

You may not realize it but we all fall into the trap of subconsciously giving energy to our fears. Our fears are more prominent in our thoughts than our dreams, usually, and what is prominent usually gets our attention and our energy.

For me it has taken a conscious effort to keep my dreams prominent and not give time or energy to my fears. Each little step has helped and believe me, I started with little steps. I have moved up to somewhat larger steps and just jumping into things but I know I still have the big steps left to take.

It is kind of like rolling downhill though, once you get started your momentum just keeps you going and it is a really fun ride to take. I have actually been working up to this all of my life but most recently in the past year.

There have been bumps and even some wrong turns along the way but I just right myself and keep on rolling down that hill. I have seen a lot more roses while rolling down this hill than I have seen fighting to get up all the other hills in my past.

I have found that when I start to go off track something will show up, like this quote, to center me again and get me back on track. Now I think of my dreams and I know that they will happen and some already are and it is an amazing feeling.

The Miracles are happening and now I have my eyes open so I can see them.

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