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Forgive Others For Yourself

Photo taken by Cheryl Larkin

The only way to learn forgiveness
Is to experience betrayal and then
choose to open your heart anyways.
– Lissa Rankin, M.D.

I came across this quote one day and it really resonated with me and touched me. I have been going through a struggle to forgive lately. I didn’t want to forgive this person because I felt he didn’t deserve my forgiveness.

The crazy thing is that not forgiving him was hurting me way more than it hurt him. In fact I don’t think it fazed him at all, but it caused me a great deal of stress. I was hanging on to my stubbornness and it was not healthy for me.

I finally realized this and wrote a letter of forgiveness to him. I didn’t send it to him. Instead I lit a fire and burnt the letter releasing my forgiveness into the Universe. Forgiving him was never about him so I didn’t need to share it with him.

It was always about me and letting go of something that I needed to let go of. Burning that letter and releasing what I was holding on to was so freeing for me. I no longer stress over him and I have been much happier and healthier since forgiving.

I experienced betrayal and although it took me a long time, I eventually choose to open my heart and I couldn’t be happier with my decision. Next time I need to forgive I will do so much quicker because I know that is the best thing to do for my mind, body and soul.

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