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GoodBye My Sweet Lucy

Lucy My Cat
Photo of my cat Lucy taken by me, Cheryl Larkin

Yesterday I had to put my cat Lucy down. She was suffering from a rare skin disease that affects tortoise shell cats. She purred into my ear as I hugged her and kissed her and prepared to put her in the cat carrier so she could be taken to be put down. It was a tough decison and I certainly cried a lot, but I know it was the right one.

Dealing with loss is always so tough but I know I am getting better at it. Somewhere along the way in these past few years I have learned to allow things to move through me and not hold onto them. My heart aches at the loss of my sweet Lucy, but I am also filled with gratitude for the years I had with her.

I remember her fondly and always will and in that way she lives on. I know that I must move on and continue living. Death is a part of life after all and it is something that we all go through at one point or another.

Giselle told me once that she has a great relationship with death and I thought that was really weird. After getting to know Giselle better and spending more time with her, I see it is not strange at all.

Giselle is now moving in the direction of helping others with death as a Death Coach
( GiselleSuarez.com ) and I think it is a fantastic path for her. Without even trying she has helped me begin a new relationship with death and what I have learned from her is certainly helping me deal with losing Lucy.

Lucy had a purpose in this life and in my life and she served that purpose well. As the days move on I know I will stop looking for her under my covers and will stop expecting to hear her purr or having to cover my ears when I sleep so she doesn’t suck on them, but until then I cherish each of those moments.

GoodBye my sweet Lucy and thank you for the love you brought into my life.

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