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I Love Arizona Sunsets

Tucson Sunset

Well I just had to share these photos that I took the other night. I was sitting down eating dinner when I noticed a beautiful glow through my back door window. It was so fantastic that I just had to get up, grab the camera and go outside to take some pictures.

Tucson Sunset

Wow was I blown away when I stepped out onto my front porch and looked towards the setting sun in the West. It was certainly a magical sight. The colors were so vivid and bright and they just enveloped the clouds and the entire sky.

I snapped these shots real quick before I decided to just sit back and let the love and peace and magic and beauty wash over me and into me. It was an extremely powerful moment for me. For that moment all the hate and violence and ignorance and judgement in this world just disappeared.

Tucson Sunset

My heart was filled with love and peace and hope and it just flowed through my entire being. It is still amazing to me the things that Mother Nature puts out there for us to see and feel. It is moments like these that prove to me that pure Love does exist.

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