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Heal The World

Healing the World seems like such a HUGE undertaking but when you break it down to the individual level it is not. I saw this picture and quote and it really struck me. This is me, right now, doing my part to heal the world without even knowing it.

I am certainly in that phase where I am healing and transforming myself. I have healed quite a lot over the last year and I am still going strong. I have been completely focused on me and doing what needs to be done to heal myself so I can be at peace and be happy.

I never really thought about how my doing what I want and need to do for me affects the world. After seeing this photo and quote, I realize now that what I am doing is actually having its own effect on the world as a whole.

Imagine for one second if every individual took the steps to heal and transform themselves. What a difference that would make to the World as a whole. Who says the individual cannot make a difference. We each can make a huge difference.

The beauty is that you as a individual do not need to think or worry about how Gigantic healing the world would be. All you need to do is focus on yourself, heal and transform yourself on that individual level and the ripples from that will spread out into the world on their own.

Think small individual picture and take action for that and the Big Picture will transform from the ripples. Once we are all sending out our own little ripples they will merge and create HUGE change in the world.

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