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Living With Gratitude

Photo Credit: Cheryl Larkin – I took this just outside of Bisbee, AZ

I wrote about Gratitude earlier in the year but I feel compelled to write again. I had grasped the concept before but I wasn’t truly living it. Now that I am living it, I realize just how powerful it truly is.

Over at Bubblews I joined what is being called the Gratitude Challenge. The basic idea is to write a post every day and list 5 things you are grateful for. I am on day 41 and boy what a difference it has made in my life.

I find, that for me, writing it down and putting it out into the Universe by posting it on Bubblews helps me truly live it and not just say it. My vision has changed and I tend to notice the good or positive in everything and I am grateful for that.

I have managed to write 5 things a day for 41 days and I have not repeated myself. I get comments from others about how great it is that I can say I am grateful for the man who ran me off the road causing me to yell and cuss because it allowed me to show my daughter what NOT to do when taking her drivers license test.

I feel lighter and seem to float through the days. I am finding all sorts of things to be inspired by and taking leaps and doing things I want to do even if they don’t make any logical sense. I am certainly happier and less stressed than I normally am.

I love the interaction over there too because I get the greatest comments from other people. They thank me for inspiring them, they laugh about things I am grateful for, they share what they are grateful for, they take that positivity and gratitude and pass it on in their own lives.

41 days ago when I started doing this challenge there were a small handful of others doing it as well. Since then the number of people just keeps growing. It is like an epidemic only this epidemic is such a positive one to be spreading around.

We are creating a movement of Gratitude and it is spreading from each of us to others in our lives. It is a magical thing to be a part of. My life has certainly improved since I started doing this. Good things are coming to me. I look at things with gratitude and positivity.

This is my day 41 Gratitude List:

    – I am grateful for all the wonderful, love and empowering support that I have received from members of this community.

    – I am grateful for the mid day nap I was able to take today without any interruptions.

    – I am grateful for the wonderful leftovers I had for lunch because they not only tasted terrific but they also warmed my heart and made me smile as I remembered how beautiful it was standing with Blythe and cooking with her.

    – I am grateful that I learned a fun new phrase today thanks to the wonderful captchas we get here. (www.bubblews.com/news/1312396-shilly-shally-captcha-challenge )

    – I am grateful for the great and funny conversation I had with my dad today.

What are you grateful today? Can you stub your toe and find the reason to be grateful for that? Can you stare the negative in the face and find the positive? Can you be grateful even when it seems things are falling apart around you.

You don’t have to write 5 things each day, you can just think 1 if that is what works for you, but do yourself a favor and start thinking gratitude which will lead to living gratitude. You will find it is a magical thing for you too.

It can only make your life better and happier. Go out and Live a Life Of Gratitude.

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