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Fire Ceremonies At Home

During December 2012 I managed to do three Fire Ceremonies at home. I had done a few with Giselle when I went up to see her and last time I was there she suggested that I start doing them at home.

camp fire

I had told my family that I was going to start doing these with the first being on 12-12-12, which was a good thing because on 12-12-12 I was in bed sick and had been for a few days. My dad called me that day and asked if I was going to do the ceremony and I told him I wasn’t sure since I was feeling so sick. Apparently he told my mom who then called my sister and about 6pm my sister came into my bedroom and said, “Let’s go do your fire ceremony”.

With the help of my sister (Tina) I went out to do the first fire ceremony of my own. My niece (Tawneey) and my daughter (Blythe) joined us too which was really nice. It was a quick ceremony but I am so grateful that my family is so supportive of my path. I am thankful they came and gave me that push I needed to go do what I wanted to do.

The next fire was on 12-21-12. Blythe was off with her friends but Tawneey and Tina still joined in this one and we had my Great Nephews Chandler (5 years old) and Jayden (3 years old) join this time. They were so cute. They loved the song we sing while lighting the fire and they were so excited to put a stick into the fire.

We all sat out at the fire and chatted for a while after the ceremony, then Tina and the kids went in but Tawneey stayed and we had a really nice talk. After she went in I stayed out until the fire went out on its own just meditating. It was a terrific fire ceremony.

The last one was on New Years Eve. This one was really special to me because my parents joined us for it. They came over and we all had some terrific chilli that my dad made for dinner. They were so great asking questions and wanting to know what all was happening. Tawneey was there as well as the boys. Tina was sick so she just came out for a few moments to put her stick in the fire. It was so emotional to me to see my parents really getting in to it. What a gift for me.

I learn with each ceremony. No one is exactly the same and each has different emotions attached to it. Right now I am using a fire pit that my parents are letting me borrow. We have plans to build a permanent fire pit in our back yard for the future.

Giselle was so correct when she told me I had to start living the path instead of just learning about it and feeling it. I am so grateful to have the tremendous support of my family. Fire ceremonies are definitely a regular part of my life now. There will certainly be more coming.

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