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Full Moon, Moonstone and Painting

Moonstone Abstract Painting
Photo By Me, Cheryl Larkin, of a painting I painted

Last Wednesday May 14th was a beautiful Full Moon. I gathered all of my crytals together and set them outside all night so they could soak up the energy of the Full Moon. The Full moon is so powerful and its energy can cleanse and charge crystals.

The next morning I brought the crystals in and they were all just beaming with happy energy. I decided I needed to paint a few pictures so I went about my normal routine of seeing what crystal wanted to be used that day and not surprisingly, my Moonstone Crystal just about jumped into my hand.

The moonstone crystal is a stone of inner growth and strength and Love. It brings good fortune, enhances intuition, is great for vision and dreamwork, can support children to remove nightmares and insomnia, inspires self-expression, opens the heart, and is a powerful love stone.

I painted two paintings that day witht he Moonstone. The picture above is the first one I did. I feel it has a very calming energy and would be great in a childs bed room. The second painting I did was with darker primary colors, red, green and purple.

I am always amazed at how I can create two totally different paintings with the same crystal and energy. Painting is such a fantastic spiritual experience for me. I always end up feeling so energized after painting.

I think all my crystals are very happy that I set them out at night under the full moon and I am excited to feel all the new and powerful energy they are all filled with.

I think I will make it a habit to put all my crystals out in the full moon every month. It is an easy but very powerful way to cleanse and charge the crystals and if you use your crystals a lot like I do, they always need cleaning and re-charging.

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