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Whites And Blues – Newest Paintings

New White And Blue Paintings
Photo by me, Cheryl Larkin, of paintings I created

These are the two newest additions to my ETSY store.

I was having a dream one night and the dream was interrupted. It was like the dream faded into the background and the words Whites and Blues kept flashing in front. That was it, just the words.

I woke up and really wondered what that was all about. It stayed with me all day so I finally sat down and tried to figure out what the message could mean. I finally decided that I would paint with whites and blues.

I went to pick the crystal to use and my newest one that I had not even taken out of the package was just screaming for me. It was a chalcopyrite and it had whites and blues in it so that is was I used.

I am still not totally sure what the message really meant but in doing these paintings I got to know the chalcopyrite and even took it on my trip with me.

I also realized that I should do a series of paintings for each chakra. So there have been good things to come from the dream even if I am not sure what the actual message was about.

I am working on the chakra series and hope to have at least one painting for each chakra within the next few weeks. In the meantime, I still have other items at the store so why don’t you stop and by and see if anything calls out to you.

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